"It has bothered me all my life that I do not paint like everybody else"
Henri Matisse

Cor art now available at Vula Blue Crane Restaurant Pretoria 10.jpg
Cor art now available at  Vula Blue Crane Restaurant Pretoria 8.jpg
Cor art now available at  Vula Blue Crane Restaurant Pretoria 6.jpg


Shop Cor's art now, fresh off the easel, while dining at the Blue Crane Restaurant in Pretoria. Look for Vula Food Shack under the large tree on the left. Vula has a beautiful selection of coffees, organic salads and juices as well as daily fresh cut-flowers and always something more...


Cor Designs - now available on Fineartamerica



"Color is power that directly influences the soul" 
Wassily Kadinsky 1866 -1944

Welcome to art made by Cor.

My work reflects an intense love for color, a fascination with depth, line, space, and a yearning for simplicity and beauty in the growing complexity of this thing called life.

'Thinking in Color' - as I grapple with adult ADHD, my work forms a collection of random flashes from a restless mind - from an impatient drive to express these visions, feelings and thoughts to focused over-work in meticulous detail.

What I need more than inspiration is un-inspiration - what not to do. Picasso said - give me a museum, and I'll fill it. 

My art is not simply for sale to galleries, collectors and investors or merely for art lovers. I create work that is therapeutic and soothing to the viewer and which speaks to people in a meaningful way.

It gives me tremendous joy to see my work brighten up office space and bring life into a bedroom or boardroom. 

And at times my work simply brings a smile to someone's face - there's always place for a little silliness. Innocence. 

If you are looking to buy art online you've come to the right place - here you will find quality artwork for sale and my personal guarantee -

Made By Cor only goes on artwork of highest quality. 

I recently launched a new range of art-inspired merchandise under the name of Cor on Fineartamerica. I hope you enjoy browsing these beautiful items - a floral notebook, yoga mat or throw pillow to grace your life with beauty. You'll find the link to Cor-inspired merchandise below or by clicking on one of the product images above.

I value your support of my work in any form.  

I'm Cor - a beautiful mess.

Helium Dreams Work By Artist Cor Diplaye
Helium Dreams Work By Artist Cor Diplaye
Helium Dreams Work By Artist Cor Diplaye

"There is no blue without yellow and without orange."

Vincent van Gogh

Jailbird Work By Artist Cor Detail
Jailbird Work By Artist Cor Diplayed
Jailbird Work By Artist Cor Diplayed ban

“Creativity takes courage” - Henri Matisse

Scraping Through Floral Bouquet Art By Cor
Scraping Through Floral Bouquet Art On Display By Cor

“To play without passion is inexcusable!”

 Ludwig van Beethoven


"Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth"
Pablo Picasso

Love All artwork By Cor Detail
Love All Artwork By Artist Cor Detail
Love All artwork By Cor Displayed

"Thank goodness I don't drive in India"
Lewis Hamilton



If you represent an art gallery or is yourself a collector of or investor in art, feel free to reach out to Cor through the contact sheet below. All work made by Cor comes with a guarantee of quality, ships internationally and ships fully insured.

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