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Running Pattern: Selected Work


"Running Pattern - Studs vs Stripes" 44 h x 92 w inches, acrylic on canvas artwork

It is with great joy that we received news that the Ootacamund Authorities decided to ban the re-sale of retired race horses in the Nilgiris for tourist rides and these stray horses are now being rounded up and impounded. Read more here

By collaborating with Worldwide Veterinary Service the proceeds for this work will still go towards WVS' work in South India for the rehabilitation and medical care of retired racehorses in the Nilgiris. This project shows how art can be more than an aesthetically filling-the-eye, but this charitable art sale is meaningful in many ways. A playful combination of racehorses mixed with zebras on a bed of soft greens and blues makes this unique work a must have for any art collector.

Did you know that this is hopefully history now? Racehorses from the Ootacamund Race Club that are too old to run in competitive racing were 'retired' and sold for around USD 80. Ootacamund has a 2 month tourist season during which these 'retired' horses used to cart young and old around the lake. However, when the tourist season was over these horses were left to fend for themselves. They scavenged through town for food, often rummaging through plastic and trash as they searched for sustenance and daily faced traffic in congested streets. These horses were breeding unhindered which compounded the problem.

WVS provides supplemental feeding of around USD 50 per horse per month for feed alone, to these semi-abandoned horses, consisting of a mixture of five pulses these animals need to maintain their health. Apart from this WVS also provides medical care for injuries and sickness and are cooperating with the current government to see how this growing dilemma can be prevented.  

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To check the availability of this artwork, made by Cor, please follow the link below to the online art gallery.

All artwork ships fully insured by Saatchi Gallery and typically arrives within ten days. If you are an art lover, collector of art or art gallery feel free to contact Cor directly through the contact sheet at the bottom of the home page.

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