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Welcome to Cor's mental doodles.

 My doodling would make no sense or have no purpose without the involvement of others like you. So please leave a mark on this page in the comment box. I'd love to hear your thoughts and will reply. To do so you need to sign up and, in the light of today's privacy panic, this may send chills down your spine. But, relax. The purpose of this is to avoid bots who tend to promote affordable dishwashers, bitcoin breakthroughs, the latest mega lottery one-click button and every possible scam one can imagine. Not here.   

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Why My Art Is Bad

If you think your art looks cr*ppy or is a flop, here's a possible why. Read on...

Is your work bad or is not ready?

Often, our work is still in a draft stage, but we launch it as a finished work. We then wonder why it doesn't look quite up to the mark. But we're not done with it. The trick is to work, rework and let it sit.

Time is a true friend, who gives honest feedback.

Often we're overeager to launch our latest creations. But the reward lies in the waiting.

In the pause.

The distance between concept and product is further than we think it is.

Pause. Rework. Let it sit.

All too often, in our eagerness to create and share, we miss important aspects of design basics - an imbalance, an omission, an opportunity to improve. Pause and let it sit.

"A man who is a master of patience is a master of everything else," George Saville 1660

Let's go pause!

Stay safe, stay sound.


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