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Welcome to Cor's mental doodles.

 My doodling would make no sense or have no purpose without the involvement of others like you. So please leave a mark on this page in the comment box. I'd love to hear your thoughts and will reply. To do so you need to sign up and, in the light of today's privacy panic, this may send chills down your spine. But, relax. The purpose of this is to avoid bots who tend to promote affordable dishwashers, bitcoin breakthroughs, the latest mega lottery one-click button and every possible scam one can imagine. Not here.   

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Why Any Artist Should Be A Mantis Shrimp

A question that plagues me often is - why are we intrigued by beauty? My gut feeling follows Shakespeare's age old saying of "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder."

Did you know that the eye can respond to a single photon and with their over two million (no typo!) working parts, allow us to see an estimated 1 to 100 million colors.

There are even colors we can't see. Oh how I wish!

And then there is the freakishly amazing Mantis Shrimp which makes me go green with jealousy and I wish I was one or could be one, just for a day!

And that is only color...

Stay safe, stay sound.


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