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Quantum Leap Of Visualization I

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Mathematics is visual! The sad reality is that this 3 Dimensional, creative and fun field is presented to us in the Second Dimension. Only.

Watching this clip by Dr Jo Boaler, Nomellini & Olivier Professor of Education at Stanford University, makes me want to re-learn mathematics. It's all about touch, finding ways to figure it out visually and creating a hunger to 'get it' while constantly being pushed back into the third dimension where it belongs.

Businesses know that the majority of us can't scale things. We're penny wise (due to our 2D mathematics un-teaching) and pound foolish (our desperate need to grasp mathematics in the Third Dimension where it belongs). Un-teaching, as in un-doing, emptying. Definitely not learning.

All of this '20% extra, 200 grams free (6 teaspoons?), buy one get one free (mathematically one = two?)' is part of this. The secret is that companies tell us when they're 'generous' and not when they are stingy or feel the economy's pinch.

The 200 grams less, due to economic stress, is not promoted or advertised.

And yes, it happens without you knowing, aka smaller packaging, lower grammage at the same rate like this. Blame it on visualization, on scale and our inability to quantify in 3D.

Scale is deceptive!

There's more mathematics in creativity than we are willing to admit or even understand - a wealth of untapped creation.

In creativity we fire two parts of our brain - one that can come up with innovative ideas and the other that brings in checks and balances to know which ideas can work and which not. The closer these parts work together the higher chances are of coming up with unique and intriguing material.

Do some of these parts of our brains overlap with those used when dealing with mathematics? If so, will it help us to spend time firing away those neurons? And why are we scared of dabbling in this (artists secretly fear a hostile take-over of our creative free-roaming minds)?

The question remains - how will we explore this mine of creative Rhodium if the tools handed to us to explore this with, are of little use.

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