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"Getting it right is a commitment."

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Many of us confuse perfection with getting it right.

At least I do, at times.

Perfection is the elusive Where's Wally of our minds. It doesn't exist, and those of us who slave after it are certified mad or soon to be, gold-diggers of achievement. The very few lucky ones who no longer slave after it, have an ethereal glow about them. Puffy eyes, irregular heartbeats and skinfolds of sleep deprivation are battle scars left over from rehab, from our bodies saying 'enough'.

Getting it right is a commitment.

To making sure it's done somewhere between well and ok. To do it better next time, to come back to it at a later stage and to be content with the outcome - no matter what. Getting it right requires an element of growing up. Maturity.

In art and design there is a crucial balance, a tipping point, a moment to walk away in order to avoid over-working your design - to walk away when it works. To let go. And often it works better. Strangely. It's no longer over-worked, layered, smudged or complicated, but simple. Not too much, not too little. Balance.

And it's ok if it doesn't work.

It wasn't meant to.

The question is - where is this point of letting go? Leave a comment below - I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

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Stay safe, stay sound.


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