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Caffeiography and the Art Of Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling in 5 Easy Steps

Americans drink about 400 million cups every day.

More than half of all consumers would rather skip a shower in the morning than skip having coffee and 49% of them would rather do without their mobile phone for a whole month than give it up. Annual retail sales for this in the US are about $5.2 billion


This article sadly isn't about tasseography or the 5 easy steps to Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling. I wasn't aware one can do fortune telling with coffee. Tea, yes, palm and forehead reading from my days of living in India, but coffee? No.

A recent BBC study highlights the impact taking coffee has on our ability to do focused work, such as being creative. If you listen to Dr. David Amen you'd never touch the stuff again. As an artist I'm a certified coffee addict. Was. To the point where I can't touch the stuff any more as my body objects to having this dark and aromatic liquid pass through it (no fortune telling for me then).

But no one can argue that this drink is most probably the best there is and ever will be.

And what about Carbs and Creativity? Maybe this is enough to handle in a single day...

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