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Welcome to Cor's mental doodles.

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Beware Of The Purple Ring

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

I call it the Purple Ring. Mauve actually.

A cheap lipstick tint, made from shark blood (most probably). It's found in all disciplines of life, but in art it is particularly painful - marking the point of no return.

In art this is a mystery. Elusive and shifting, yet it is what separates good from not so great, and good from great and ultimately great from excellent. Frustratingly so, you only either sense when you are near it or when you've passed it. With the goldilocks-zone so close to The Ring, one is tempted to crawl closer and closer.

It's a gamble and we all know it.

Great art stops nanometers from the purple line. Good art way before or sadly, halfway down the ditch. And exquisite work? That's the thing! It oversteps the line, yanks to a halt and, in a breathless moment, tilts, hovers and leans precariously over the edge.

But it holds. Just!

That's the secret to excellent art.

Stay safe, stay sound.


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