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A bit about me...

Made By Cor - from the heart.

Welcome to my world. In this space you will find examples of my work along with some of the inspiration behind it. There are also links to art-inspired merchandise. 

The root of the word courage is Cor – Latin for 'heart' - to speak one's mind by telling all one's heart."

Dr Brené Brown. 

My work is a salvo of mental flashes - thoughts, desires, emotions - as if a curator scrambled a series of exhibitions all into a single madness. Thinking in color, one may say. Flashcards of emotion.

I’m relieved to learn that the strange things in my life have names - Visual OCD, prosopagnosia and that bummer/lover Adult ADHD. I ‘battled’ these until I learnt to embrace them as gifts. I’m still learning.

Some of my work is deeply therapeutic through the creative process itself, spiritual in a way, and strives to take the viewer with on this meditative journey. And some of it is merely caught up in the silliness of this topsy-turvy thing called life. We pause, shake our heads and, in that hapless moment, move on.

I am Cor - a beautiful mess.

My time of twenty-three years in India was magical. It will always be home to me, part of the fiber of my heart and the blood pumping through it, the foundation of my thinking and the inspiration behind my work. I'm a firm believer in 'Jugaad', I believe entrepreneurial juice flows through every Indian vein and yes, I admit, I could not comprehend a single page of Dr. Ambedkar's writing.  
Those in India I call friends are more like family to me. Jay Hind!

It's back to school for Cor!

 am currently finishing my degree in architecture at the University of Pretoria.  

My work is for sale online through Saatchi Art's online gallery. For any collaborative projects, information or commissioned work feel free to contact me by following the link on the bottom of the home page. 

Check out the cool video below by Gallery OneTwo, the world's only public toilet turned gallery.

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